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Car Window Tinting

Solasafe has a large range of automotive films to suit all vehicle tinting needs such as Smash & Grab Film, Safety Film and Paint Protection Film. Our films are engineered using the latest global technology and are tried and tested to ensure our promise to supply superior quality products.


With 40 years of industry experience, we have supplied and installed thousands of metres of film to the automotive industry. Our films will enhance your vehicle's appearance and most importantly, provide the performance you need.

Vehicle Tinting Solutions 

Smash and Grab Tinting

The need for high-performing, strong and durable Smash & Grab Films is a priority in South Africa as incidents remain high. Tinting your car windows is a cost-effective way to add an additional barrier of safety. Whether you are driving, or your car is parked, applying Smash and Grab Tint reinforces glass, making it much more difficult to break.

Solasafe has developed its own signature Smash and Grab film- Xenon. We have installed and supplied thousands of metres of Smash and Grab Film in South Africa and beyond, proving our film’s ability to perform as intended.


Solasafe along with our manufacturer has developed our signature range of Smash & Grab film- Xenon. Our high-performance film has been quality tested in line with global standards.

Learn more about how Smash and Grab works, the different tint shades and the cost here

Vehicle Tinting Solutions, Car Window Tinting, Safety and Paint Protection Film
Vehicle Tinting Solutions, Car Window Tinting, Safety and Paint Protection Film
Vehicle Tinting Solutions, Car Window Tinting, Safety and Paint Protection Film

Safety Film

Safety Film or Security Film is a clear, non-tinted film that is applied to glass vehicles windows to reinforce the glass. High-quality Safety Films can strengthen glass by up to 4 times making it an excellent solution for multiple for government agencies, embassies, security vehicle fleets and transportation. Safety film is also a great option for individuals who are seeking additional safety for their vehicle.


Engineered using the latest global technology, our films are recognized as highly resistant – both in resisting burglary and against impact from thrown objects. A professional installation of Solasafe Safety Film is a fast and cost-effective provision against the risk of having windows shattered and blown-in during an unexpected incident or attack.


Solasafe Safety Films are constructed using thick polyester that is laminated to ensure high tensile strength. We use a thicker coating of a long-proven adhesive from Henkel, Germany. The thicker adhesive results in higher solidity and bonding strength that does not compromise haze value. Our scratch-resistance films are infused with UV inhibitors giving excellent durability once fitted.



Vehicle Tinting Solutions, Car Window Tinting, Safety and Paint Protection Film
Vehicle Tinting Solutions, Car Window Tinting, Safety and Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film

If your car is an investment or you love what you drive and want to protect it at all costs, we recommend Paint Protection Film. ‘PPF’ as it is known, is a high performing product designed to protect your car’s paintwork from the elements. PPF is applied as a clear and thin coating that protects your vehicle's paintwork from scratches, stone chips and stains. Using the latest in global technology, our Paint Protection Films are self-healing with heat and designed to give you all round protection.

PPF not only protects your car from scratches and chips, but it also protects your car from damaging UV rays that cause fading and cracking as well as stains from rain, bird droppings and insects.


PPF also dramatically improves the appearance of your car by giving it a sleek glossy finish.

In the past, PPF film was used largely for luxury vehicles but today, it is used more and more on personal vehicles and fleets as it increases the life span of a vehicle's paint job.

Solasafe is a distributor of 3 different grades of premium Paint Protection Film. Though we supply PPF to customers in Johannesburg and across South Africa, we do not install PPF. We recommend using a professional PPF installer or dealership.

Learn more about the PPF we supply as well as our pricing

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