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Our Product

Solasafe Premium Solar window film Supplier is a national distributor of premium Polyester and Vinyl Window film products. 

Solasafe provides the most cost-effective products for enhancing and improving the performance of all glazing types.


Solasafe's films are used on the following types of glass:


  • Motorcars

  • Homes

  • Offices

  • Factories


Solasafe's Premium film range includes:


  • Safety Film

  • UV control film

  • Anti-Smash and Grab film 

  • IR film

  • Reflective film

  • Non-reflective film

  • Vinyl

  • Paint protective films


The benefits of our window films: 

  • Keep you cooler in summer and warmer in winter

  • Let the light in while keeping glare out.

  • Protects assets from the sun’s harmful UV rays

  • Improve and enhance the aesthetics of buildings and vehicles

  • Increases privacy

  • Protects carpet and furniture from fading

  • Protect people and property from flying glass caused by explosions and accidents

  • Hinder smash and grab attacks

  • make your glass safer and stronger


Take a look at our online store to find the window film you want!

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