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Smash & Grab Tinting

Solasafe's signature Safety Film, Xenon, is installed on thousands of vehicles across South Africa. Our nano-ceramic film is manufactured according to global standards and has remained a trusted brand for over 20 years.

Our fitment centre is based in Randburg where we install film on all cars as well as fleets.

Get protection during Smash & Grab attacks!

Solasafe distributes to over 150 dealers and agents across South Africa as well as Southern African countries.


Superior performance when you need it most


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Book an installation

Our fitment centre is in Ferndale, Randburg. For a quote or to book your vehicle in for an installation, contact us below. 

For tinting of fleets or multiple vehicles, our team is able to install on site. 

Protection from the unexpected 

In South Africa, ‘Smash and Grab attacks’ are frequent. We often hesitate to stop at a traffic light in a dangerous area and we ensure that our valuables are not in sight to prevent Smash and Grab attacks. These incidents happen when you are driving but also when your car is parked.


Safeguarding your vehicle and loved ones is a priority and that is where Protection Film is crucial. Solasafe along with our manufacturer has developed our signature range of Safety Films. Our high-performance film has been quality tested in line with global standards.


Car break in with shattered window
Installing smash and grab tint of car window

How Smash & Grab Tint Protects your Vehicle

Smash and Grab is a type of Window Film that is applied to glass to reinforce it. It is designed to keep the window intact in the event of a smash & grab incident or when force is applied to the glass.

When struck with force, ordinary car glass will shatter send dangerous shards of glass flying. Ordinary glass shatters immediately which means the attacker can quickly reach into your car to grab a valuable or to hijack your vehicle.

Smash and Grab Tint buys you time! By strengthening your automotive glass, you are also prolonging forced entry time. Learn more  in our blog post of Smash and Grab FAQs

Choose superior strength

Xenon - Solasafe Safety Film

Xenon Film is a sophisticated product that uses the latest technology to produce a clear, thin layer of film that works as an invisible barrier of protection when installed on glass windows.

Our Smash & Grab film is infused with nano-ceramic materials that give added IR protection and are made from stronger polyester.  A heavier adhesive with a higher solidity contact and higher bonding strength makes these films forgiving and easy to mould. The films have a natural appearance, have low haze value and are long lasting under long periods of sun exposure.

If you are interested in becoming an agent, please feel free to contact us or view our products here.

Glass held in tact by solasafe smash and grab tinting

Benefits of Safety and Protection Films

Despite reinforcing glass and protecting you from smash & grab incidents, our films have several other benefits. Our films:

  • Block 99% of harmful UV rays that damage skin and eyes

  • Provide car interior protection, the UV inhibitors in the film block the UV rays that cause the interior of your car to fade and crack.

  • Reduce glare which negatively affects your vision while driving 

  • Increase privacy making it harder to see into your vehicle 

  • Keep glass intact in the event of an accident and prevent flying shards

Legal tinting shades

Smash and Grab tint comes in different shades, however, in South Africa there is a legal limit. The legal limit is 35%. This means the film must allow 35% of visible light through the window. A 35% film still offers excellent privacy against people looking into your windows.

Any darker than 35% is illegal and can result in a heavy fine by traffic law enforcement.


Legal tint shades of car smash and grab

See how our signature range of safety films performs. We test our film against competitors frequently to measure the thickness of the adhesive, the VLT and the UV rejection.

Smash & Grab Tinting Safety Film, Protection Film
Smash & Grab Tinting Safety Film, Protection Film

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Smash and Grab Tinting

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