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Non-reflective films

Solasafe has a range of non-reflective window films that are very popular for people seeking sun protection, heat control, glare reduction and even privacy with darker shades of tinting. Unlike normal coloured films, our non-reflective films have excellent UV rejection.

Our non-reflective films still allow natural light to filter into a room. These films have a sleek charcoal finish.

Our film can be used to tint a range of surfaces such as sliding doors, large windows, cottage panes and even skylights.

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Benefits of non-reflective film

Though the non-reflective films may not look as effective as reflective window film at rejecting UV rays, these films should not be underestimated! They have great performance statistics and offer many benefits.


  • Block 99% of harmful UV rays which protects furniture and flooring from fading as well as protecting your skin and eyes

  • Reduce glare- Glare can cause eyestrain and make it harder to view TV's and computer screens

  • Add privacy and safety- Darker windows are harder to see into. Window film also adds a layer of protection to glass by holding it together on impact so it does not shatter.


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Non-reflective Films

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