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Sandblast Vinyl

Sandblast or frosted glass vinyl is an excellent way to personalise your glass windows. Whether you aim to establish privacy or craft a design masterpiece, sandblast vinyl is easily applied as a sticker and is not permanent but still long-lasting.

From designing unique patterns for homes and offices to using frosted vinyl for privacy, Solasafe will customize your design to fit perfectly exactly where you want it.


Solasafe are experts in Sandblast Vinyl

Customized Designs:

We specialize in creating unique and custom designs tailored to your preferences, adding a touch of personalization to homes and offices.

Home & Bathroom Privacy:

Our sandblast vinyl application is perfect for enhancing privacy in bathrooms and other rooms of the home, providing an elegant and functional solution.

Office Privacy and Branding:

Transform your office space with sandblast vinyl, which serves as an excellent tool for creating dividers and adding your branding to glass surfaces, striking the ideal balance between professionalism and style.

Solasafe are experts in Sandblast Vinyl

Sandblast Frosted vinyl for office by Solasafe
Sandblast sticker window panes by solasafe johannesburg
Solasafe sandblast vinyl to divide office windows
Sandblast vinyl by solasafe on big glass doors
Office sandblast frosted vinyl
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