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Price per running metre (1,524m sq) VAT Inclusive

Full roll discounts may apply


Ebony 70

Ebony Film is manufactured from PET that has been infused with heat rejecting organic nano carbon particles during the extrusion process. Ebony film has above average heat rejecting properties and excellent clarity.  These films have superb heat shrinkage and long durability. Ebony film is suitable for back vehicle window tinting and architectural use.


Product Specifications


  • Solar Performance                 

Solar Transmittance                                           63%

Solar Absorbance                                              30%

Solar Reflectance                                                7%


  • Total Solar Rejection (Heat)                23%            
  • UV Rejection (Fading)                        99%
  • Light Transmittance (Glare)                50%


Film Performance

Nominal Thickness                                           2Mil     

Ebony 70

1 Square meter
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