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Price per running metre (1,524m sq) VAT Inclusive

Full roll discounts may apply


Ebony E

Ebony E is a semi-reflective high-performance film with a nano thin layer of alloy. The matrix arrangement of particles allows for high transparency and excellent solar protective properties.  It is very stable, has high durability and excellent heat rejection. Ebony E is an excellent option for homes, offices and commercial spaces.

A dyed film with a charcoal finish. Matches Xl20. Good for cutting down glare


The Films Performance Stats (1.52m)


  • Total Solar Rejection - 40% (Heat)
  • Solar Transmittance - 49%
  • Solar Absorbance - 44%
  • Solar Reflectance - 7%
  • Visible Light Transmittance - 18% (Glare)
  • Ultra Violet Transmittance - <2% (Fading)
  • Shading Coefficient - 0,70
  • ‘U’ Value - 1,12


Guarantee Period 5 Year.

Price: VAT excluded

(The image is an indication of the transparency of the film and does not represent the film exactly)

Ebony E 15

1 Meter
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