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Price per running metre (1,524m sq) VAT Inclusive 

Full roll discounts may apply 

Xenon 20


Solasafe's Smash and Grab films are infused with Nano ceramic materials that give added IR protection and are made from stronger thicker polyester. A heavier adhesive with a higher solidity contact and higher bonding strength makes these films forgiving and easy to mould. The films have a natural appearance and are long-lasting under long periods of sun exposure. Solasafe security films have a low haze value.


Product Specifications


  • Solar Performance                 

Solar Transmittance                                           43%

Solar Absorbance                                              47%

Solar Reflectance                                              10%


  • Total Solar Rejection (Heat)               43%            
  • UV Rejection (Fading)                        99%
  • Light Transmittance (Glare)                20%


Film Performance

Nominal Thickness                                           2Mil     

Xenon 20

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