Smash & Grab Tint FAQs

We receive many questions about Smash and Grab tint, how it works, how long it lasts, how dark it can be and so on so we’ve put together a post that answers our questions. We hope it helps you too!

In South Africa, ‘Smash and Grab attacks’ are frequent. We often hesitate to stop at a traffic light in a dangerous area and we ensure that our valuables are not in sight to prevent Smash and Grab attacks. These incidents happen when you are driving but also when your car is parked.

But what is Smash & Garb tint and how can it help you? Let’s start with that!

smash and grab attack on vehicle

What is Smash & Grab Tint?

Smash and Grab is a type of Window Film that is applied to glass to reinforce it. It is designed to keep the window intact in the event of a smash & grab incident or when force is applied to the glass.

When struck with force, ordinary car glass will shatter send dangerous shards of glass flying. Ordinary glass shatters immediately which means the attacker can quickly reach into your car to grab a valuable or to hijack your vehicle.

Smash and Grab Tint buys you time! Because the film prevents glass from shattering on impact, you have more time to drive away or when your car is parked, it gives the perpetrator less time before someone sees them.

How does Smash and Grab window film work?

Safety Film is a sophisticated product that uses the latest technology and additives such as alloy coatings, or nano-ceramic particles that are embedded in the film. They also have a heavier adhesive coating for extra grip and strength. The result of this technology is a clear, thin layer of film that is applied to glass windows.

Smash & Grab films also have the benefit of cutting out harmful UV rays that damage your skin and car interior. The film can also help reduce glare.

How is Smash and Grab different from normal window film?

Normal window film varies in thickness from 25 microns (micrometres) to 50 microns. Safety Film is much thicker. It varies from 100 microns to 300 microns. Smash and Grab film is usually 100 microns thick and is laminated for strength.

As the film is much thicker, it has stronger resistance to impact and can thus keep glass intact when struck with force.

What is the darkest legal tint in South Africa?

The legal limit is 35%. This means the film must allow 35% of visible light through the window. Any darker than 35% is illegal and can result in a heavy fine by traffic law enforcement. Regulations allow for a 35% VLT window film to be applied to the side and back windows of a vehicle. Front windscreens require a 70% visible light transmission on all vehicles.

We often get requests for the darkest possible tint to increase privacy. A 35% film still offers excellent privacy against people looking into your windows.

Be aware of the regulations: Your insurance company may refuse your claim if your vehicle is deemed unroadworthy due to an illegal dark window tint at the time of an accident.