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Window Film DIY: How to install window film

Window Film Installation Instructions for flat glass- Doors and windows in homes, offices and commercial buildings.

We often get queries on how to install window film- sometimes our customers are not confident enough to try it themselves but many are, and to that we say- Go for it! With the right tools and some patience, we think anyone can do it. We've put to together a brief guide on how to install window film. You can use these steps for installing film on flat glass. Remember, if you are installing film on car windows, these steps will not apply as tinting car windows uses a different approach.

Before starting your window film installation, you are going to need a few tools. Thankfully, these tools are inexpensive and not difficult to find. You can visit our online store or come into our shop to get everything you need:

Rubber squeegee


Spray bottle

Soap- We recommend a baby shampoo

Paper towels

Blade knife (Stanley knife)

Adhesive tape

Window Tinting Installation Instructions:

Carefully measure the glass area of which that you want to insulate. Using these measurements, obtain the correct amount of film. Remember to allow for a 70mm to 100mm trim area around each window.

Step one: Clean the window thoroughly removing all particles from the window. If necessary, gently scrape stubborn particles with a razor. Wash once again to make sure the window is clean.

Step two: Cut the film 70mm to 100mm larger than the window glass area.

Step three: Take two pieces of adhesive tape and place each of them on opposite sides of one corner of the film. By pulling on them, you will notice a clear protective liner separating from the adhesive side of the film. Do not pull the liner off yet.

Step four: Thoroughly wet the entire glass surface with slightly soapy water (mix a few drops of dish washing liquid with a litre of water) using a spray bottle. Then position the film on the glass with the clear liner side facing toward you. Let the window hold the film for you as you pull the liner all the way off.

Step five: The adhesive side of the film is now facing you. Using the spray bottle soak the film with soapy water. Spray until the film is thoroughly wet. Do not worry about using too much water.

Step six: Take the film carefully by the two top corners and slowly turn it around so that the wet side is now against the glass. Take your time and slide the film on the glass until it is positioned correctly. There should be about 70mm to 100mm overage on all sides. If you are working on large windows you may want to have some help with this step.

Step seven: Spray the side now facing you with the soapy water. This makes using the squeegee easier. Squeegee across the top to set the film. Then squeegee down the film using short strokes, moving the water toward the bottom of the window. Squeegee again using firm, smooth strokes.

Step eight: Take the straightedge and hold it against the film and the edge of the glass. With the razor-knife carefully trim all edges of the glass by cutting against the straightedge.

Step nine: Spray the side facing you with the soapy water again and thoroughly squeegee to all edges of the window. You want to get as much water out from under the film as possible. Dab the edges of the window with a paper towel or cloth to pick up any excess water.

Happy tinting and don't forget that our team is here to help!

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