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Solasafe | Covid19 and our Window Films

It's a great time to get your office windows tinted. While we are all doing our part to fight Covid19 and flatten the curve. It is important that we keep in mind our local businesses that rely monthly on a stable economy to fuction. These local businesses are the livelihood upon which many South African families rely.

We at Solasafe believe it is an opportune time for us to tint your office windows amidst extremely unfortunate circumstances. While your offices are empty of staff who are working from home (practicing social distancing). We can come in and install our premuim grade window films in your offices. Let us improve your office space with our high performance window films. (For more information on our window films and what they can do for your offices; please take a look at our online shop or call one of our sales representatives).

Our company is fully aware of all the risks and dangers associated with the Covi19 virus and are taking all the precautionary measures we can to ensure we do our part in flattening the curve!

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