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Things that have Returned - Lockdown

Updated: May 19, 2020

While there are many negative things that have arisen from Covid-19. There has also been some good that has come of it. Below we'll take a look at some of the positive that have happened around the world due to humanity being in lockdown.

Harmful chemicals polluting our environment have been reduced as factories and industries have stopped operating.

...Clean air has returned!

Busy streets have emptied as people are forced to stay home, this has seen families and people reconnecting with loved ones.

...human connection has returned!

Polluted water has cleared and has become transparent. Less tourists occupying boats has supported this turn around.

...Clean water has returned!

Animals have thrived and have reinhabited places that they previously couldn't as people have left their habitats to remain in their houses.

...Animals have returned!

City skylines that have been previously plagued with smog have now become visible again as less cars and other vehicles on the roads emit less pollutants.

...Visible skylines have returned!

With all these tremendous 'returns' around the world over the past few months! The question Solasafe poses to you is;

...Is it not time, window film returns to your windows?

For more information on the benefits of our window film, feel free to contact us!

(We at Solasafe acknowledge the seriousness of the Covid-19 problem and take all the precautions necessary to prevent the spread. While we currently do not offer installations due to lockdown laws. Please contact us with regards to which products we are allowed to sell and actively are selling. We also offer various PPE products you may be interested in, visit for more information on these products)

Stay safe out there!

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