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Window Film: 8 Helpful Rules for Installation

1. Always install film on the inside of a glass surface

2. Apply only when the temperature outside is between 0˚C and 22˚C for best results, install when the window surface is cool. Do not apply to hot surfaces or in direct sunlight

3. If air bubbles appear between the film and the glass, carefully peel back the film, respraying with water as you separate the film from the glass. Thoroughly re-soak the film and the glass as you put the film back down. Squeegee out excess water again. Be sure to press firmly and evenly against the wetted film and squeegee.

4. If you find that the film is lifting at the edges after a few days, it is simply because the window was not thoroughly cleaned to the edges. To correct this, apply a thin line of clear nail polish on the film and press into place again.

5. The adhesive may take up to two weeks to fully “cure”. Any haziness or dimpling will disappear with full curing. Then the film can be washed with clear water or a mild cleaning solution and a soft cloth or a squeegee. Do not use paper towels or strong ammonia solutions.

6. Keep your hands clean store your tools in a bucket of water while working, Wet your thumb and finger when opening the film.

7. Brush the edges of all windows with a dry paint-brush before the first wash

8. Be careful to examine the glass before application, look for cracks, chips, old dry putty, loose gaskets. Learn how to identify different types of glass Toughened, laminated annealed etc.

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